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Explore Costa Rica This Summer

 From the Pacific to the Caribbean, from rainforests to rivers, and from service to adventure, our programs here encompass the breadth of what Costa Rica has to offer. Rustic opened programs in Costa Rica in 2003. Since then, we’ve expanded our operations to cover the most spectacular regions of this country. With more than 16 Costa Rica high school programs to chose from, we'll help you find the adventure of a lifetime.

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Expand your Comfort Zone

Immerse yourself in other cultures, see the world's most beautiful places, and develop lifelong friendships with people from all corners of the globe. Rustic Pathways wants to show you the world so you can figure out what you stand for and the mark you want to leave. When you get back from travel, you can channel those interests into a future life path that aligns with the true you!

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Discover why travel is everything

When you travel with Rustic Pathways, you will develop a global perspective by participating in service projects with long-standing local partners. Working directly with the community and your Program Leader, you'll gain a new understanding of real-world challenges and the satisfaction that comes with helping out.

Featured Programs in Costa Rica

Summer Camp Leadership

If you love working with children, this is the perfect program for you! Spend your days training in leadership and planning and running a creative summer day camp experience for local Costa Rican children.

Bribri Indigenous Culture and Service

Service and cultural exchange in a traditional Bribri community.

Turtle Conservation Project

Participate in turtle conservation research and work alongside rangers to help protect this incredible species.

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