2017 Group Travel for Educators

18 Countries — 90 Programs
Students on Travel in SE Asia

The Rustic Difference

Rustic Pathways believes that group travel provides educators the opportunity to help student engage with the world’s diverse cultures, and explore for themselves the meaning of global citizenship.

Our extensive year-round operations, top-notch country directors, and global staff allow us to offer you and your students a wide range of these opportunities — fitting any budget.

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How We Approach Student Learning

Rustic Pathways programs are designed specifically to encourage critical thinking. Learning moments and opportunities for growth are intentionally built into our programs. Leaders facilitate meaningful discussion and reflection, supporting student learning and amplifying the impact of our travel experiences.

100 Destinations. Endless Possibilities.

Every Rustic Pathways Group program has a story behind it. Our programs are drafted by adventurers, edited by global activists, refined by educators, and customized by you. They are works of passion, and we take extreme pride in them.
All our programs can be customized to meet you own interests and needs, so be creative! When exploring our itineraries, keep in mind, what is the trip you’ve always wanted? This is the program we want to build for you.

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