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New! Partnership with Verto Education
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What is Verto Education?

Rustic Pathways is excited to announce a partnership with Verto Education. Verto provides an opportunity to travel the world, while completing your university degree in four years. It’s a “gap year” without the gap. For many, it's beneficial to take a year between high school and college to travel the world, meet new people, and gain independence and a developed sense of self. Now, you can get the benefits of a gap year AND receive college credit.

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Four Major Program Components:

Travel the World
During your Verto experience, you’ll travel the world, choosing between destinations like Ireland, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and the Dominican Republic.
Experience Outside the Classroom
Step outside classroom walls to consider real-world applications of academic and social subjects.
Service-Based Learning
Immerse yourself in service-based learning and walk away with knowledge and skills you can use in college and beyond.
Earn College Credits
Meet general education requirements at several partner institutions without delaying your graduation.

How Do I Earn Credit?

Students enrolled in the Fall 2018 program will earn as many as 16 academic credits for this first term as part of their experience, which is included in the cost of the program.

Students will earn experiential credits through a tailored curriculum that has been approved by the faculty and leadership of Mills College, a fully accredited private liberal arts college in California. These credits will automatically transfer to our partner colleges. While the credits will not include traditional classroom lectures and exams, there will be guided discussions, journaling, presentations, and media exercises.

If you're interested in attending a college/university that we don't currently partner with, we will work with you and the college to transfer these credits.

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