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Summer Camp Leadership, Costa Rica

"This trip has impacted me by showing me the joy that comes from teaching others a new language. The most important part of my trip was the community service aspect of each program, and teaching the Ticos English during SCL was the most rewarding experience of the entire trip."

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About Rustic Pathways

Rustic Pathways is a leader in providing superior quality educational service and adventure programs for students.
Far from being a year off, a gap year may be the most fulfilling, exciting, and important year of your education. Travel and contribute to community service projects, learn a new skill, or get practical work experience while immersing yourself in another culture.

We offer one-, two-, and three-week spring break and summer experiences, gap year programs, and custom group trips in 19 countries. Programs are carefully designed to help students make meaning of their travel experiences, identify interests and passions, gain confidence, and grow as individuals.

Across the globe, our local staff fosters lasting relationships with the communities in which we work, enabling our students to have immersive and authentic travel and service experiences.

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